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ePubs and Print Booklets

I can research a place, a topic, or a community of ideas and create a rich publication that inspires great design. Strong project management skills, including working with designers and freelancers, scheduling, proofing, marketing and advertising, and tracking editorial products from brainstorming through delivery.

APA’s “Debt Smarts: Financing Your Future in Psychology”

Skyrocketing education costs have left many early-career psychologists grappling with debt in the five and six figures. I compiled this e-booklet to give APA members active strategies for crushing student debt — from career trend data to financial literacy articles, expert webinars and interactive tools. This highly downloaded resource is helping to drive member acquisition efforts.


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APA e-BOOKLET “Impact”

Challenge: The American Psychological Association wanted to showcase the range of its members-only features, webinars and articles. I developed a 32-page e-booklet and print brochure, “Impact,” a compendium of original and repurposed branded content that elevated visibility of its content platforms. WINNER OF THE 2019 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts!

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Print and eBooklet: AAAS Working in Industry

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Challenge: The Association for the Advancement of Science wanted to create value for current members and a tangible tool for converting leads.

Solution: Market research showed that scientists, engineers and mathematicians wanted help transitioning from academia to industry. I developed a 30-page career booklet and e-zine with high-level info on industry sectors, job functions, educational pathways, job hunting techniques–and interviews with fascinating entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and recruiters.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 7.32.56 PMResults: The booklet had a 27.8% open rate among members (average is only 8.9%) and 84.6% email-to-form conversion among non-members. Stories from the booklet posted on the AAAS website generated more than 12,025 unique views. Conversion rate to paid, 19.6%.  Winner 2015 MarCom Platinum Award.

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AAAS Print and booklet: Every Scientist Has a Story

EveryScientist.thumbChallenge: The American Association for the Advancement of Science wanted a leave-behind product that would speak to the diversity of its members and demonstrate the caché of membership.

Solution: I repurposed profiles of everyday scientists working on the frontlines of discovery from the AAAS website, assigned features of current interest to scientists, and created a visually stunning magazine, winner of the MarCom Platinum Award 2014.

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Summer Research Showcase Publication

SummerResearch-picChallenge: Bowdoin College wanted to raise the profile of its faculty and highlight the quality of research opportunities for undergraduates.

Solution: In just 6 weeks, I researched, wrote and produced a booklet featuring student research in the field, in the laboratory and along the coast of Maine. It was inserted to award-winning Bowdoin Magazine and reached a vast audience of alumni, students, parents and faculty.

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Magazine Insert: Reopening of the Bowdoin Museum of Art

BowdoinMuseumDescribed as a jewel box of classical architecture, the historically significant McKim, Mead and White building was desperately in need of updates to house the growing collection of the Bowdoin Museum of Art. I created a publication that detailed an ingenious renovation that included hand-digging lower-level galleries to expand gallery space while preserving the Rotunda space above. Alumni magazine insert.

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