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The Phi Beta Kappa Society Join Page

Be Fascinating. Be Revolutionary. Be Influential.

The nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society needed to update its message and its image to stand out to millennials. I wrote copy that appealed to their concerns for affecting global change, and joining Phi Beta Kappa’s rich legacy of leadership.


Be Revolutionary

“You see the world as a set of challenges, not barriers. You’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. You have something new to say, and the skills and determination to seize your moment. You want to make your mark on the world.

When you join Phi Beta Kappa, you will become part of a legacy of change leaders that stretches back to the American Revolution.”


View the branded landing page.



Bowdoin College Academics Web Site


Richly interactive, with features, videos and slideshows, this site showcases student-fueled research and engaging faculty. Left column featured rich repository of feature stories I wrote about research and field work.

Landing page copy:

“A liberal arts education at Bowdoin isn’t about being small and safe – it’s about having the support to take surprising risks. That means caring more about the questions than giving the right answers. Discovering you’re good at something you didn’t think was your strength. Making connections where none appear to exist.

You’ll soon find that a Bowdoin education is without boundaries. Subjects spill over each other – philosophy is not disconnected from politics, art can be a lens for understanding social change. Somewhere in your life here, you’ll get to the point where there is real beauty in what you’re doing. You’ll look up from your books and papers, scripts and canvases, and realize you’ve fallen in love with something. It may be a new way of thinking. Or whole new way of viewing yourself in the world.”


L.L. Bean State Parks

As senior projects editor for Deep River Publishing, I helped develop the user interface and wrote content for over 400 state and national parks on L.L. Bean’s Website. The project involved extensive data collection and front-end design of a CGI database.

Visit the site.


Blogging: The Bowdoin Daily Sun

Was a founding contributor to this daily compendium of curated and college-related news. The blog is a leading tool for engaging young alumni and provides a platform for think pieces from leading voices across campus. Visit the blog.



Associate of Arts, Maine Technical Colleges

mtc_webDeveloped a website highlighting a brand-new offering for the technical colleges, a two-year bridge program that allowed students to get an associate’s degree and apply all credits to a four-year baccalaureate. Enrollments rose 27% after the website launched.

Earlier, I wrote a strategic plan for the technical colleges that was responsible for a successful bond to fund its expansion and paved the way to its conversion to a full community-college system.