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People still love print. It gives them a chance to spend time with your brand and get a hands-on feel for what you’re about. I can help develop collateral with eye-grabbing headlines, engrossing stories and bold graphics–newsletters, brochures, view books and point of sale materials.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Brochure

AAAS-BrochureI condensed information from the AAAS member kit to create a brochure that demonstrated the diversity of the AAAS community, the reach of its programs, and the world-class science publications at the core of its brand.
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Alumni Magazines

alum_magsJust give me a name and a reason and I can turn up a great feature story that speaks to alumni, students, faculty–and even those who didn’t know they cared. Read some alumni magazine feature stories:

Pictures at an Exhibition: Reopening the Bowdoin Museum of Art
A Neuro Network: Neuroscientists at a Meeting of the Minds
Africana Studies Thrive at Liberal Arts College




How many times have you read about engaged learning? Or challenging academics, multidisciplinary approaches and a diverse student body? These are just educational buzz words. What really distinguishes an academic institution is the feeling you get on campus. It’s the people you meet. It’s the surprising connections among ideas.

Drop me into a campus and I can quickly absorb the culture of place and give language to its unique alchemy.

The Hyde Schools Viewbook

Check out my favorite project (so far)–life-changing, character-driven education at The Hyde Schools. I interspersed straight-on narrative about the school’s academics, arts, athletics and family-centered programming with highly personal, creative prose captured at community meetings that gave voice to the inner challenges and growth the schools foster.

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View scrolling version of Maine Technical Colleges brochure, introducing an new associate’s degree transfer program that resulted in a 27% increase in enrollments.

Welcome Kits and Annual Reports

A solid hand in framing out the breadth of organizations and pinpointing the projects and people that define their success.

American Legacy Foundation, Washington, DC

truthI researched and wrote the first annual report for this major, national tobacco-control foundation. My work helped the fledgling, multi-billion dollar foundation define its identity and articulate its vision to audiences nationwide. View a page.

Member Kit: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.47.23 PMIt was a good creative challenge to find a way to organize information about an organization with more than 40 public programs and four of the world’s top peer-reviewed scientific journals. I focused on five overarching benefits of AAAS membership:

—Increasing knowledge with world-class research and  expert analysis
—Advancing careers
—A leading voice for science and scientists
—Working together to solve global challenges
—Bringing the best minds to the table

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Positioning/Brand Development

Client: White Rock Distilleries, Cantera Tequila
I had fun doing market research on this one — comparing top-flight sipping tequilas. The name needed to suggest the authentic, earthy feeling of the region where the blue agave plant is harvested, as well as the pride and history of the Mexican people — in keeping with favorites such as Patron (boss) and La Reserva de la Familia (the family reserve).

The result? Cantera. Named for the native stone of the Jalisco region that gives its cathedrals, capital and museums a resplendent golden hue. I even tracked down an exporter of cantera stone to custom-manufacture an authentic cantera-stone hang tag, affixed to the bottle by rawhide.

The tagline? Last shot gets the rock.