The Hyde Schools Viewbook

At most schools, the goal is simple: Teach kids what they need to know to get into college. Strive for high academic standing. Get good test scores. Round out the picture with some varsity sports and community projects.

Works great in theory, but it bypasses a central truth: All kids are different. Abilities, obstacles, inner strengths and family dynamics all play an ongoing part in shaping and defining personal success. What looks good on a test score doesn’t necessarily translate into a confident, truthful, intelligent human being operating at his or her fullest potential.

That’s where Hyde Schools come in. We believe that school is a very personal proposition and that character development must form the deepest framework for education. Schools that value standardized ability over individual character cheat the student of chances to gain confidence and self-knowledge.

Hyde Schools are college preparatory schools where individual needs, challenges and dreams form the blueprint of education. Here, attitude is valued over aptitude, effort over ability, and character over talent. We have a highly structured curriculum and a demanding code of ethics. We choose students on the basis of their commitment to uncover and nurture their highest potential – whatever that may be.

We ask that entire families take part in this awe-inspiring process of character-based education, believing that parents are essential role models for character. We make a distinction between academics and intellectual development. While we help students learn historical dates and algebraic equations, we also help them filter ideas through their own minds and help them develop moral reasoning. At Hyde, it is more important to “get smart” than to be “born smart.”

Athletics, performing arts and community service aren’t in the margins of education; they are co-curricular measures of personal achievement. Because Hyde is a place of pushing limits, all students become athletes and performers, academicians and wilderness explorers.

You can’t hide from yourself at Hyde. But, if you are willing to do the work, you can find yourself here.


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