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The Fine Art of Printmaking Is Etched on Students’ Memories

“You’re going to class, but in the middle of your day you’re working with a famous printmaker on a beautiful piece of work … what a way to start off my time at Bowdoin.”


Festival Applauds Four Decades of Dance at Bowdoin

“Bowdoin dance has always been a place where people of diverse backgrounds could celebrate their own forms of identity and also explore new ways of moving and performing.”



Wrestling With the American Musical

“The idea of these extremely muscular, gigantic men coming out and instead of beating each other up they start singing … it’s very funny.”


Tennessee Williams Meets ‘American Gothic’ in World Premiere

In an icon-meets-icon paradigm, Williams re-imagines the farmers as parents who get a surprise visit from their gangster son, who shows up to hide out with his new brideā€”a la Bonnie and Clyde.



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